lunes, 30 de abril de 2012


To register press on the banner!

This place goes for songs to listen and give your opinion. And then you pay for it. It's like working on music critic but through your computer.

To Register simply press the button Sign Up and fill in your details.

Then, under where said REVIEWING ON SLICETHEPIE put your comment, which must be entirely in English. Minimum 6 lines you have to fill.

After 90 seconds the bar enables you to puntues from 0 to 10. Slide it to the value you think is the key and then press SUBMIT

To the right of the monitor are SESSION EARNIGS which tells us what we gained in the session of the day and BALANCE which contains all of the accumulated.

When we get to $ 10, which is the minimum payment, we press WITHDRAW which is immediately below our balance and opens the box below:

If you have $ 10, we pay and do a review and a few days pay.

* Not copy and paste, because it means cheating and will suspend the account.
* Pay $ 0.05 to $ 0.20 per comment. The more lines, more pay.
* There are certain keywords to earn more. Use them! Some are: instruments, hit potential, music, harmonies and more...

I already go 15 days on the page. Request my payment on Sunday and Monday and had it in my Paypal account. They say it makes revisions to the comments for other than traps and paid on Monday or Tuesday. Here my first two payments:

Asked on Sunday 22 and charged on Monday April 23:

Asked on Sunday 29 and charged on Monday April 30:

On Monday next payment the next posting!


To register press on the banner!